Mountain for all

La montagne pour tous !

The Pays des Ecrins is an ultimate hiking place. The National Park of Ecrins welcomes every year a lot of hikers and climbers.

Pays des Ecrins accessible to all !

We are always advising you on more an more hikes to share with your families, because despite the high altitudes, the Pays des Ecrins contains a lot of itineraries accessible for everyone to discover the remarkable natural site of the area.

But what we nowadays want you to know is that Pays des Ecrins can also be discovered by a lot of public types.

Indeed, some person with reduced mobility could think that this luck is refused to them. Or we want to fight against this idea and prove that our mountains and landscaped are accessible to everyone.

That is the reason why we want to shine a light on the association “Handi Cap Evasion”.

The association Handi Cap Evasion: let’s discover the Pays des Ecrins

This association was born in 1988 in Hautes-Alpes. Its first objective is to allow people with reduced mobility to share with able-bodied the pleasure to hike in mountains and nature.

All this is possibly thanks to the “joëlette”, which is all-terrain wheelchair.

The groups that take part in the association trips are made with 14 to 20 people. 4 persons with reduced mobility and one or two persons with sensorial handicap. For person with reduced mobility, an ingenious engine allows them to discover the tracks, with a special wheelchair with a wheel and two stretchers, one in on front and one behind. It is also equipped with a brake and a suspension, to reduce the shocks that could be felt by the person carried.

This wheelchair can’t of course travel without the two able-bodied persons, who carry the stretchers, and a third person that can relieve them. These “porters” assure the direction and the movement of the “joëlette”.

Hiking on the Glacier Blanc track

Randonnée personnes à mobilité réduite au Pré de Madame Carle
Randonnée personnes à mobilité réduite au Pré de Madame Carle

Parc national des Écrins en joëllette
Parc national des Écrins en joëllette

The Tourism Office of Pays des Ecrins meets the association

The Tourism Office of Pays des Ecrins went to meet one of the members of the association, during a trip in Pays des Ecrins. The meeting was made near one of the most beautiful places of the area: the Pré de Madame Carle, just under the famous Glacier Blanc. A guide from the National Park of Ecrins was on the hike to accompany it and tell information about glaciology, fauna and flora.

We went on the path that goes until the bifurcation between Glacier Blanc and Glacier Noir and we picnicked there. It took as around two hours to reach this point, because waking with a “joëlette” needs regular stops. As told on of the persons on the wheelchair: “it’s a real luck for me to be able to admire these landscapes”.

To know all about the association Handi Cap Evasion

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