Discover the National Park of Ecrins

Pays des Écrins, a great diversity of landscapes

Located in the heart zone of the National Park of Ecrins, in the French department of Hautes-Alpes, the Pays des Ecrins presents rich and diverse landscapes, and offers the possibility to everyone to practice different activities in nature. Discover 4000 meters high summits, refreshing rivers, crystalline water lakes, authentic villages, forest roads… The Pays des Ecrins has some pretty good surprises waiting for you!


Randonnée dans le Pays des Écrins
©Jan Novak Photography

A destination for all: family and sportsperson

Second site of alpinism in France, the Pays des Ecrins is surely an idyllic sport area for sportsmen, as the presence of 21 trail tracks marked out by Station Trail can tell. The ideal sport for those who are here to face some denivelation. The Station Trail is as well fit for walking than for running.

You can also find 235 km of mountain bike tracks, certified by the French Cycling Federation, with different difficulty levels. The numerous rivers and canyon of the Pays des Ecrins make it a hotspot for white water sport in France.

Authentic villages, thematic paths and Randoland routes are here to underline the area’s remarkable natural and cultural patrimony, available for all your family.

Ailefroide, Pré de Madame Carle, Barre des Ecrins, Narreyroux, Dormillouse, Fournel Valley, Vallouise are as many places to discover to breath the pure air of our mountains.

Vue sur le Mont Pelvoux
Vue sur le Pelvoux, ©Jan Novak Photography
Lever du soleil au lac du Fangeas
Lever du soleil au lac du Fangeas, ©Thibaut Blais

Pays des Ecrins in some numbers :

  • 350km of marked out tracks
  • 21 trail paths, classified by difficulty level
  • 9 thematic routes
  • 5 Randoland trakcs
  • 18 tracks of mountain bike, for a total of 235km, classified by difficulty level, including one track for electric bike
  • 5 downhill mountain bike tracks
  • 2 bike parks
  • 7 high lakes
  • 5 rivers: Durance, Gyr, Onde, Gyronde and Byaisse
  • 2 summits higher than 4000 meters
  • 10 refuges, from 1728 to 3100 meters high
  • 1 house of the National Park in Vallouise