Advises and recommendations

Advises and recommendations

The basic code of conduct for hikers

Before leaving, we advise you to:

  • Check the meteorogical conditions
  • Know well the hike’s route
  • Wear adapted shoes
  • Always have something to drink and to eat with you
  • Have with you a cell phone, a compass, a map or a guidebook
  • Take some change and rain clothes, a cap, sunglasses and solar cream
  • Prepare some first-aid kit
  • Have a torch with you in case of darkness

Randonnée dans le Pays des Écrins
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Safety rules

Advises for hiking: check the recommendation


Some itineraries cross lawns or alpine pastures grazed by herds. These ones are often protected by sheepdogs or protection dogs, such as “patou” against predators.

These dogs don’t develop specific aggressivity against human, but as their role is to dissuade every intruder to get close to the herd, they can be very “protective”.

So, hikers are asked not to cross the herd but to bypass it. If you face the protection dog, please stop so the dog can identify you, stay calm and passive, do not threat or caress the dog. If you have a dog, keep it in leash.

If you are riding a mountain bike, please get out of it. A bike going fast can stimulate the pursuit instinct of the dog and can be seen as a threat.

Please check the instructions here: "how to act in front of protection dog”