Narreyroux circuit (no. 13)

Narreyroux circuit (no. 13)

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A peaceful walk in the heart of nature, with the added benefit of many stunning panoramic views.
This intermediate circuit running through the municipality of Puy Saint-Vincent and its hamlets, takes you amidstnature and to remarkable locations such as the valley of Narreyroux. At the highest point of the circuit, you will also have the opportunity to admire the valley of Vallouise and several amazing peaks like Mont Pelvoux.


The Narreyroux circuit starts at Les Prés at the 1400 resort roundabout, heading towards Le Villaret

  1. At Le Villaret, take the track on the right towards Les Vigneaux via Combe Noire
  2. At the end of the track, bear slightly right to start the climb up towards the plateau of La Pousterle via Via Novo
  3. At the end of the track, join the road, still heading towards the Plateau de la Pousterle 
  4. At Le Prey d'Amont, turn right to leave the road and join a track 
  5. At the intersection of the tracks, turn left and then right 200 metres further on, heading towards the 1800 resort
  6. At the 1800 resort, take the road downhill and, at the centre of the fifth hairpin, take a track that leads to Narreyroux 
  7. Go right to cross the bridge spanning the mountain stream and return to Narreyroux 
  8. At La Chapelle Notre Dame, turn right onto a path heading towards Le Puy (Caution: proceed slowly along this technical section)
  9. At the end of the path at the Torrent de la Combe de Narreyroux mountain stream, cross the bridge to rejoin the road on the right. 500 metres further on, at the first hairpin, take a path running along the canal side 
  10. Cross the local road and then rejoin the canal path 
  11. At the end of the path, turn left towards the Croque Loisirs campsite. Go through the campsite and this brings you back to Les Prés and your starting point
  • Departure : From Les Prés near the roundabout to station 1400, Puy Saint Vincent
  • Arrival : From Les Prés near the roundabout to station 1400, Puy Saint Vincent
  • Towns crossed : Puy-Saint-Vincent and Les Vigneaux

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Rescue services contact details: Secours Montagne(Mountain Rescue): +33 (0)4 92 22 22 22 or 112

Show consideration for the work of farmers, livestock keepers and owners

Close all gates behind you

Take your litter home

Do not take shortcuts across pastureland

Information desks

Vallouise Park house

, 05290 Vallouise 92 23 58 08

Information, documentation, models, exhibitions, screenings, product sales and works of the Park. Guided tours for school, reservation required. The new Park House opened in Vallouise since June 1, and offers visitors an interactive permanent exhibition inviting to explore the area and its heritage. A temporary exhibition space will allow a renewed offer. Finally, the device is completed by an audiovisual room to organize screenings and conferences Free admission. All animations of the Park are free unless otherwise stated.

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Les Alberts, 05290 Puy Saint Vincent 1400 m 92 23 35 80


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Access and parking

8.5 km from L'Argentière-la-Bessée, take the D994E and then the D4.

Parking :

Car park at Les Prés near the resort 1400 roundabout, Puy Saint Vincent

Sensitive areas

Along your trek, you will go through sensitive areas related to the presence of a specific species or environment. In these areas, an appropriate behaviour allows to contribute to their preservation. For detailed information, specific forms are accessible for each area.

Black grouse - winter

Impacted practices:
, Land
Sensitivity periods:
Parc National des Ecrins
Thierry Maillet :

Membre de l'Observatoire des Galliformes de montagne
Virginie Dos Santos :
Blandine Amblard :

Short-toed snake eagle

Impacted practices:
Sensitivity periods:
Parc National des Écrins
Julien Charron

Peregrine falcon

Impacted practices:
Aerial, Vertical
Sensitivity periods:
Parc National des Écrins
Julien Charron

8 points of interest

  • History

    Les Prés, hamlet of Puy-Saint-Vincent

    Le Prés is one of the main hamlets of Puy-Saint-Vincent. Like Le Puy and Les Alberts, it stands on a flat plateau which is a glacial escarpment left by the now-retreated Gyronde glacier. Like Prey d'Aval, Prey du Milieu and Prey d'Amant, its name is a reminder that prior to the development of the ski resort, the land here used to be shared by meadows and crops.

  • Fauna

    The peregrine falcon

    Cries echo around the cliffs. A pair of peregrine falcons nests there regularly. A real "fighter plane" with tapered wings, it is a formidable predator of pigeons and other birds. It came very close to extinction because of pesticides, but it remains endangered because the eggs are still stolen for the falconry trade, even though it is a protected species. It is also sensitive to disturbance. Climbers are urged not to climb in this area in the spring.

  • Flora

    The yellow cephalaria

    Rather like a tall scabious (up to 2 metres) but with pale yellow flower heads, this is not a common plant. Yet, at an intersection of two tracks, it has established on a small patch of ground. Who knows why! It is a mountain plant which only lives in the west of the Alpine Arc..

  • Fauna

    The clouded Apollo

    White, almost translucent in places, with just a few black spots, this butterfly is a cousin of the better-known mountain Apollo. It lives in clearings in open woods where the plant on which the female lays her eggs grows, and on which its caterpillars feed: the corydalis. It is a mountain butterfly.
  • Flora

    The martagon lily

    In cooler spots, the path is edged by large plants such as the wood cranesbill, which has purple flowers, and the martagon lily. This superb plant has large hanging flowers with curved-back petals, which are pink speckled with purple and exposed orangey stamens. Its leaves are elongated and whorled. It grows in meadows and cool woods. Although common here, it is rare in many French regions. In fact, picking it is prohibited or regulated.  
  • Vernacular heritage

    The mountain habitat

    The houses here were once built with local materials: stone and larch wood. They are roofed with shingles rather than the lauze (flat stone) commonly seen in other mountain regions. The hamlet of Narreyroux was a high mountain hamlet within the the municipality of Puy-Saint-Vincent. In fact, one of the chalets is still used as a shepherd's cabin, before the flock moves up the valley floor where the Grands Plans shepherd's cabin is situated.

  • Vernacular heritage

    The hamlet of Narreyroux

    A former alpine pasture hamlet, the hamlet of Narreyroux has maintained its charm even though most of its restored houses are now second homes. Higher up, the valley of Narreyroux is still a big alpine pasture. The pastoral cabin in which the shepherd stayed at the beginning and end of the summer grazing season, is located in the hamlet.

  • Vernacular heritage

    The irrigation canals

    The route follows a canal side for a short distance. Numerous canals brought water from the Torrent de la Combe mountain stream to the fields which take up a large area around the villages of Puy-Saint-Vincent. In fact, the slopes just above these fields did not provide sufficient water, making it necessary to create this large network of irrigation canals.

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